The Hoot seeks to help budding student organizations whose purposes align with The Hoot’s mission to serve the greater Rice community by connecting with different groups across campus and representing our community’s diversity. New clubs, on-campus initiatives, and new student-run businesses that encourage the growth of student involvement in the Rice community on campus may contact The Hoot to raise money for their cause. The Hoot’s broader goals of expanding its customer base and promoting healthier options may also be taken into consideration when aligning its mission with that of the organization in question.


The Hoot will offer 50% of profits from a Wednesday or Thursday night, paid via IDT. Whether the outside organization, The Hoot, or both are responsible for marketing and advertising for the event will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If the outside organization is doing its own marketing for the event, advertisements must mention The Hoot’s participation in some capacity.

As of August 2017, The Hoot’s maximum direct-donation fundraising amount for one night is not to exceed $500. The Hoot will offer up to two fundraising opportunities per semester, totalling a maximum of 4 partnerships in one academic year. To ensure fairness to all potential partnerships, no organization may fundraise with The Hoot more than once in one academic year. Any outside organization wishing to take advantage of The Hoot’s fundraising partnership must be a recognized, currently registered Rice campus organization. The General Manager holds discretionary power over whether an organization’s mission aligns with that of The Hoot’s.

In addition to The Hoot’s general mission to provide the Rice community with a late-night food option that is satisfying, affordable, and convenient, The Hoot also seeks to serve the greater Rice community. Any student-led Rice organization that also seeks to serve this community by connecting with different groups across campus, representing our community’s diversity, and meeting people’s needs is viable to fundraise with The Hoot.

Next Steps

If the organization reaches out to The Hoot 2-3 weeks prior to the desired date, it may be possible to sell food relevant to the group. If the desired date corresponds with a Hoot specialty Night, it is up to the Ordering and Marketing Managers to change the specialty night or not. In order to make this special partnership a reality, it may be necessary to ask the organization to aid in special food distribution or pickup, pending food safety approval.


Contact The Hoot at for further questions and details!

We look forward to working with you